The CRM@SmartBit solution is directly linked to Pantheon ERP solution, which provides users with all the necessary data and activities associated with the partner. It combines information about partners themselves (contact persons), information from sales (sales opportunities, completed sales), support and service (post-sales activities, claims).

Sales/purchasing, price lists, sales opportunities, financial status, sales activities, support and service issues of our business partner are available in the CRM@SmartBit, according to granted authorisations.

An additional advantage is the already introduced Pantheon software solution. The introduction to CRM@SmartBit is simpler, as users are already familiar with Pantheon data, and they can access the information in a quick and easy way through CRM@SmartBit. The employees in different departments, whether sales, support or service, have all the information needed to address clients’ needs.

CRM@SmartBit is a solution that combines all processes from the first contact with the client, sales, after-sales activities to service and implementation.

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