The seller controls his work through his own control panel. He sees his key indicators, opened tasks and sales opportunities. With this, he can be focused on his work. He sees the occupancy of other employees he may need in his work.

Since we have all the information from the first contact with the customer to the sale recorded in CRM@SmartBit, the seller has all the information about the sales opportunity. At the same time, he can simply exchange data with the rest of the team and coordinates with them.

The system is directly connected to the ERP solution Pantheon, thus it also receives all information related to the sales already realized, the financial position of the partner, the habits of the customers (in case of additional sales or return of customers).

Quick and easy introduction. Direct integration with the ERP product Pantheon.

The seller is directed towards the buyer at all stages of the sales, which increases the possibility of successful sales.

As a sales manager, you must take care on the one hand of the autonomy of the sellers in the sales process and detect problems when they appear. With the mechanisms and processes set up by CRM@SmartBit, the system enables you to provide an overview of what’s happening in the sales department, and get the information you need to communicate with the company’s management.

Analytics at the level of the sales funnel, the customer’s sales and employees’ activities provide a step ahead of the competition. CRM@SmartBit allows you to lead and build a successful sales team.