Your existing customers are a great source of new sales; A satisfied customer is your promoter on the market. Did you thank them for purchasing your product? Have you checked if they need additional service or goods? Do we need goods for planned maintenance and should we plan time for maintenance?

All these information are in your information system. The only question is how to access them and how to prepare them for processing. How is your company’s marketing service organized ? Or do you keep all this information in sales?

The competitive advantage of the CRM@ SmartBit solution is the ability to take full advantage of the data in your Pantheon ERP solution.

CRM @ SmartBit allows you to easily filter data on purchases made per customers, products, periods, geographical area, and other parameters in the system.

If the process is properly documented, it can be a good basis for learning. Do not reject this opportunity and take advantage of your lost opportunities for a new success.

Use the information in your system to really offer your customer the most suitable and personalized service or product, which means added value in sales. With this you can avoid the phrase “I need to be the cheapest to sell”. The fact that the data is changing into money is becoming a reality.