The primary task of the sales process support tool is to simplify the sales process and to focus on the result. This requires the seller to have the right information at the right time and also to be able to quickly and easily record the new information obtained.

One of the conditions for a successful sale is that you should not be late with information if the customer is already in the sales process. CRM@SmartBit combines all the information that sellers need in one place. By using CRM@SmartBit, an appropriate exchange of information between the sales team is ensured and the result is reflected in increased sales and satisfied customers.

The seller calls the customer and arranges for a visit from the fitter to check if the product is technically appropriate for the buyer. Nowadays there are too many things going on in a company for the seller to properly transfer all the information to the fitter and remember them. This can easily be solved with the CRM@SmartBit system by recording, monitoring and processing all this information.

The on-site fitter obtains the necessary information which can be directly inputted in CRM@SmartBit while still being there. By doing so, the seller has immediate information to prepare a proposal.

If salesmen plan their work in the calendar, the information during the sales process are not delayed; proposals can be made on time and sellers have all the information available.

The CRM@SmartBit solution combines all the information your sellers need in one place.