By discussing with managers or head of sales department, I find that companies aren’t in control of the process from the first meeting with the client until the preparation of the offer. The rule applies: after submitting the bid, the cards are in buyer’s hands.

One of the main reasons for this situation may also be the difficulty of establishing CRM solutions to businesses. A significant share of problems arises in the exchange of data between the existing ERP solution and the CRM solution, since CRM data structures are usually different, otherwise captured and collected. In addition, the same data is written several times and maintained in two systems, and the data in CRM is designed differently. This is an additional problem for the user.

When introducing CRM@SmartBit in conjunction with Pantheon, this fear is unnecessary. CRM@SmartBit is placed directly over the ERP Pantheon. We take advantage of existing users who have their own login protocol and CRM rights are set through Pantheon. When accessing data, we use Pantheon authorizations (classifications, documents …).

Your business partners (customers and suppliers) are immediately visible in CRM@SmartBit together with their contact details. You can edit settings by deleting certain contacts that you use to exchange documents from e-mail accounts (eRačuni, eIzmenjava) from contacts. Contacts are linked to GDPR concessions, where Pantheon logic is being fully used.

Establishing CRM@SmartBit is simple with additional settings, users know the data in Pantheon, and in CRM@SmartBit this data is used and processed in simple ways. The concern that establishing CRM@SmartBit would be unsuccessful is unnecessary.

By default, sellers and other users can start using CRM@SmartBit immediately. They can review the chronology of sales opportunities, sales made, contract pricing, financial status … and start to plan their work through CRM@SmartBit. They can easily plan tasks (TODO) by entering them in a transparent calendar (their own tasks or assign tasks to their co-worksers) and quickly and easily record the results of performed activities. With this kind of work, it is possible to monitor the planned and implemented activities of sellers.

In the process of selling, we use existing business orders for customer orders. If necessary, expand the statuses and, depending on the process in the company, we add another business event. In CRM@SmartBit, we can add and change order positions and have insight into all sales phases. Through sales funnel and sales report (pivot table), we can monitor the opportunities of sellers and their progress.

CRM@SmartBit also provides a link to travel orders and covers the costs associated with the business trip. You can open a travel order directly in CRM@SmartBit when you specify a task (TO DO), since you have a large amount of data already prepared. You only add the date and time of departure, and any possible costs. The accounting then completes the entire process through Pantheon.

For more complex sales, project management is needed (it is necessary to co-ordinate the work of the seller, project advisors and contractors). This area is covered by Project Management, which basically uses cost carrier in Pantheon. After the realization of the project, you will coordinate the implementation of the project through the mentioned solution.

When implementing eMail Marketing, CRM@SmartBit uses the entire database (contacts, businesses / regions, customer types /issued sales documents …). It also benefits the system and warns you about potential problems associated with GDPR.

In order to monitor after-sales activities and customer care, CRM@SmartBit also covers Service and Help Desk services (accepting an item into a service or capturing other problems, scheduling the implementation through a calendar, and just performing a service by entering information about work and material consumption). Sales, project management and service use the same calendar, so you also have control over the occupation of the whole team.