Nowadays, the data represent a source of revenue; The winners in sales are companies that can combine and use data in a way that the buyer is at the center of the sales process. Knowing the customer’s needs determines products/services. Sales methods define sales channels and sales procedures, and ultimately, customer satisfaction is determined and monitored through after-sales processes.

The latter requires the integration of information acquired through various channels of communication with the buyer, other analytical tools of Internet sales, seller’s notes and information collected in the classical ERP system. All available information must be grouped in one place, to be available for new sales or expanding sales to an existing customer.

Nowadays, data collection processes require process digitization, where tools, such as CRM@SmartBit are available to assist the sales process.

Nowadays, the average buyer enters the sales process with a lot of information. The buyer wants to communicate with you through electronic channels. B2B and other tools provide document exchange. The question of using the product, service … is sent by e-mail. CRM@SmartBit allows you to be a step ahead of customers at every stage of the sales process.

The CRM@SmartBit solution has another important feature. You can make good use of acquired information to improve your products/services. You can incorporate sales experience from your sales to new sales campaigns.