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Digitization in the sales process


Nowadays, the data represent a source of revenue; The winners in sales are companies that can combine and use data in a way that the buyer is at the center of the sales process. Knowing the customer's needs determines products/services. Sales methods define sales channels and sales procedures, and ultimately, customer satisfaction is [...]

Digitization in the sales process2019-06-25T20:44:39+00:00

Quick introduction to CRM@SmartBit – a big advantage for the client


By discussing with managers or head of sales department, I find that companies aren't in control of the process from the first meeting with the client until the preparation of the offer. The rule applies: after submitting the bid, the cards are in buyer's hands. One of the main reasons for this situation may [...]

Quick introduction to CRM@SmartBit – a big advantage for the client2019-06-21T08:45:06+00:00

CRM@SmartBit – Easy and efficient tools for the seller


The seller controls his work through his own control panel. He sees his key indicators, opened tasks and sales opportunities. With this, he can be focused on his work. He sees the occupancy of other employees he may need in his work. Since we have all the information from the first contact with the [...]

CRM@SmartBit – Easy and efficient tools for the seller2019-04-18T05:48:33+00:00

CRM@SmartBit – Sales processes support tool


The primary task of the sales process support tool is to simplify the sales process and to focus on the result. This requires the seller to have the right information at the right time and also to be able to quickly and easily record the new information obtained. One of the conditions for a [...]

CRM@SmartBit – Sales processes support tool2019-04-15T22:53:52+00:00

CRM@SmartBit enables you to take use of your data


Your existing customers are a great source of new sales; A satisfied customer is your promoter on the market. Did you thank them for purchasing your product? Have you checked if they need additional service or goods? Do we need goods for planned maintenance and should we plan time for maintenance? All these information [...]

CRM@SmartBit enables you to take use of your data2019-04-15T22:24:19+00:00

Blog – SmartBit


Welcome to the SmartBit blog! You can find a variety of business related content like: sales and sales processes efficient organization of production business planning project management ... We have added the "Everything else" category. The business environment requires a healthy measure of business content and entertainment as well. You will find the latter in [...]

Blog – SmartBit2019-04-15T23:04:31+00:00