Connection with Pantheon ©

The CRM@SmartBit ensures a direct link to the Pantheon ERP solution. In order for it to work, the access to your database needs to be established and the CRM@SmartBit can already be used through settings. This is ensured by the Connector License, which is not a component of the CRM@SmartBit solution (Connector License). In the settings that are a part of Pantheon, all the necessary steps have to be taken in order to have all the information at your disposal (basic company data, contact details, financial data, business events and other data necessary for the solution to function properly).

Companies, contact persons

CRM@SmartBit combines all client and contact information in one place, with all chronology of tasks, sales opportunities and performed activities.

Inside contact information tab there is a link to activities and tasks, and all parameters according to the requirements of GDPR.


Creating campaign lists is an important sales strategy that statistically brings the highest return on the cost involved. Within the solution, the data from sales, client data or other information can be acquired. The system also controls the requirements of GDPR. The lists can be exported to Excel and imported into mass mailing tools.

TO DO / Calendar

CRM@SmartBit ensures easy activity planning and monitoring tasks implementation. Tasks (TODO) can be easily entered into our calendar or into calendars of other employees, they can be duplicated and set to a new implementation date. Tasks are linked with projects, sales opportunities, service orders, travel orders, and provide an effective tool for planning our own activities or activities of our team.

Sales funnel

In CRM@SmartBit’s sales funnel we easily keep track of statuses of our sales opportunities and monitor the activities of our sellers by guiding and directing them. We have an insight on a specific sales opportunity, proposal’s positions and amount, status changes, planned and completed tasks and description of employee’s performed activities.

Travel orders

Travel order recording and data entry is usually time-consuming. By using CRM@SmartBit, creating a travel order is very fast and easy. With internet connection and a few clicks a new travel order is quickly created. From there on, the only thing to define is the routeitself and the costs incurred on the road (parking, toll, etc.) is created.

Service order

For solving clients’ claims, the company needs a good after-sales service, which means monitoring the claims, planning them properly, and capturing the performed activities.

In CRM@SmartBit we took advantage of the logic of Pantheon’s service module. A service order represents processing entirely within Pantheon and enables all steps for planning implementation and employees, as well as time and material consumption and travel orders.

Help Desk

Customer monitoring primarily through sales activities is carried out in CRM@SmartBit Help Desk solution. We used the service order logic within Pantheon which reports an issue to the system. The implementation process is planned through CRM@SmartBit where information about time and material consumption and link to a travel order for work on location is covered.


The CRM@SmartBit B2B module gives clients a direct access to:

  • view opened orders sorted by shipping date
  • have the option to enter and update orders
  • view stock status (in specific warehouse for specific items)
  • view issued invoices and financial status

The client’s access to CRM@SmartBit is easily granted through authorizations.