Pay for what you use

For using @SmartBit software solution the subscriber pays a monthly fee (license fee) charged based on SAS (Software as Service) and on the valid price list.

The license fee is paid on the basis of the invoice issued by the contractor each month according to the calculation of use.

The solution is connected with the software Datalab Pantheon©


  • Travel order entry
  • Direct cost entry


  • Orders view
  • Orders editing
  • Stock statuses
  • Issued invoices
  • Financial situation


  • Contact editing
  • TO DO and Calendar
  • Sales funnel
  • CRM.TravelOrder@
  • CRM.ServiceOrder@
  • CRM.Ticketing@
  • CRM.Project@

CRM solution is directly linked with Datalab Pantheon© with no interfaces

Take advantage of the CRM@SmartBit solution

Easy installation and quick, clear and user-friendly settings that can be carried out by the users themselves through Pantheon. Users know the connections and logic of the Pantheon ERP product, making introduction to CRM@SmartBit easier.

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